Saturday, May 22, 2010

Someone told me its all happening at the zoo...

We bought a family membership to Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ. Today was the 2nd time for me this year and 4th time for hubby and Donnie. They had already been on Wednesday and Thursday this past week and Donnie wanted to go again today! When we got home and after his nap, he wanted to go back again.

They have the coolest bird aviary, you can buy these little popsicle sticks covered in bird seed and the birds come and sit on them. There are hundreds of colorful birds in there and miraculously, we all left without any spots of "good luck" droppings on us!

We rode the train and the carousel and checked out the animals. It is a lovely zoo and perfect for a day out. And they also have these lovely Zen-inspired gardens with plenty of benches and seats if you want to just sit and meditate, which I had Donnie doing at one point, wish I had the video camera going, was adorable! He had his legs crossed and did the thing with his fingers and was saying "uhm". Of course at 3 and half years old, that last for uhm, uhm, "Mommy, let's go over there now." But the two seconds were restful.

Tomorrow we will just hang-around here till Donnie goes to grandpa's and I will be listing pending I do not get distracted as I usually do. I was finally able to grab the last 2 discs of season 3 of Mad Men, so tempted to watch all the episodes now but I am saving them for the train rides.

Well, no major life realizing AH HA moments right now other than me trying to be more committed to posting more on here. Next week I will attempt to stay on my diet better and go to the gym. One thing at a time! At least blogging lets me sit and snack :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Wishing Well

I approached an old well, I looked down into the darkness and was about to toss a coin into it when I heard a voice come up from within the well.

“If you jump in, I will grant you three wishes. The only condition is you will lose something precious to you with each wish.”

It was tempting, three wishes. I thought I could wish for a beautiful, large house but I already had a house that was not grand by any stretch of the imagination but it was a home and provided shelter for me.

I could wish for money to buy all that I needed but what did I need? I could buy designer clothes but I had clothes already which kept me warm and did not have holes. I could eat out every night at a fancy restaurant but I had all the food I needed already.

I could wish for perfect health and immortality but if I lived forever, I would only live to see all the people I ever loved die.

And of course, there was that clause, I would lose something precious with each wish and I knew that what I would lose would not be something but it would be someone and no matter how tempting the offer might be, I knew I was already blessed with a happy, healthy son, a loving and caring husband and a large family and lots of friends who I adore. So I walked on past the well and wondered for a brief second of the sort of person who would accept such a proposition.

Hmmmm I wonder if there is such a well in Washington D.C. Sure would explain a lot! Apparently honesty and integrity are a couple of the precious commodities which are taken in exchange for power and fame!